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Families’ final farewells are likely to be at the top of a scenic hill

Funeral plan specialist Perfect Choice, recently conducted a study which looked into the most popular place for people to spread their loved ones ashes and discovered that the most popular location was a scenic hilltop.

Spreading ashes has really increased in popularity in the last 44 years, with only 12% of ashes in 1970 being scattered whereas now it’s up to around 60% of cremated remains which are scattered.

The survey polled 1,335 UK residents, of which 66% said that they or an immediate family member had organised a funeral with cremation in the last year. These people were then asked whether they had kept their loved one’s ashes or whether they had chosen to spread them. 16% of respondents said that they had kept the ashes.

To greater understand the current trend in spreading ashes we asked the respondents to provide information about the locations that they had used to scatter remains. We excluded graveyards and gardens of remembrance from the list. These were the top results from those asked:

1)         Scenic hilltop/Mountain side – 37%
2)         On private land – 33%
3)         At a favoured landmark or other beauty spot – 25%
4)         At sea or into a river/lake– 16%
5)         At a favourite sporting venue – 7%

We also found out whether these people had gone looking for permission before they actually scattered the ashes. 48% said that no they hadn’t and went ahead and spread the ashes. 77% of these people said that they didn’t need to or hadn’t even thought about needing permission. The 52% who had said yes they did check were asked if they had ignored any regulations in place and carried on with scattering the ashes anyway. 31% said they had done this to make sure they honoured the wishes of their loved one. The other 69% said that they found an alternative location.

Choosing where to scatter the ashes of a loved one can often put a very personal, yet positive note on such a sombre occasion.  It can be a place that meant a great deal to the loved one who has passed away or one that means a great deal to the bereaved and can act as an evocative location where people can remember the person they’ve lost fondly.

Whilst we obviously do not condone directly or indirectly breaking any laws or ignoring any regulations, what we can see from these results is just how important the final resting place can be to family and friends left behind.

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