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Two thirds of Britons only see extended family at major events

Funeral plan specialist, Perfect Choice, recently conducted a new study to discover how often families meet up with their extended family members. So, non-immediate family members such as grandparents and cousins. Our research showed that many families only meet up at major events, much of the time this being for a family funeral.

We polled 1,897 UK residents over the age of 18 and initially asked them how often they saw their extended family. This includes all non-immediate family members such as grandparents, uncles, aunts and cousins. Almost a quarter of respondents said that they see their non-immediate family members regularly, though the majority of respondents said that they only see their extended family at major events. The respondents who had said this were then asked what type of major events they would see their family at and were allowed to select all applicable answers.

The most likely event for people to meet up with their extended family was at a funeral, with 66% stating this is where they would see their family. The second most popular was at milestone birthdays. Then came weddings (48%), Christmas (34%) and Christenings with only 23% of respondents.

We wanted to take a further look at the results so we asked how often those who had only seen extended family at major events had met up in the last 5 years. The answers ranged from 0 to 35 with the average among all answers being 11 times in 5 years.

With the majority of residents in the UK leading increasingly busy and more digital lives, seeing close family sometimes becomes a hard task, let alone making time to see extended family members who may live far away or who you may not have a close bond with.

It is a shame that funerals are one of the most common places to see our extended family; however, it is good to see that the average family will unite in order to say goodbye to a loved one and that this may bring other members closer together. A funeral is not just about mourning a loss, but also about celebrating a life and celebrations are best with family to hand and shared memories.

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