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Financial strain is the main reason why 55% of over 60’s have no plans in place for their funeral

Funeral plan specialist, Perfect Choice, recently carried out a poll which unveiled that 55% of UK citizens over the age of 60 do not have any plans or savings in place for their funeral. Many are concerned about financial strains and some think that it is too early in life to consider putting funeral plans in place, whilst others held a desire to leave their next of kin to decide on plans.

The survey revealed that over half (55%) of Britons over the age of 60 do not have any plans or savings in place for their own funeral with the majority (58%) citing financial strains as their reasoning.

We polled 1,708 British adults, all of whom were over the age of 60.  Participants were questioned on their attitudes to funeral pre-planning, a topic which often finds itself dismissed, with many not wanting to think about it. We asked those taking part, “Do you have any plans or savings in place for your funeral?” 45% said ‘yes’ with the majority of these (73%) desiring to have it all taken care of so that their next of kin does not have to and 22% saying they wanted to be organised just in case. The remaining 55%, who said ‘no’, that they did not have any funeral plans or financial arrangements in place, were then asked why they had no plans in place yet. Respondents were able to select all answers they felt applied to them, which revealed the below top 5:

  1. Financial strains – 58%

  2. Felt it was early in life to consider this – 51%

  3. Leaving to next of kin’s decision – 41%

  4. Believe it is not their responsibility – 19%

  5. Too fearful to think about it – 17%

We then asked all those who had selected financial strains whether they were currently receiving any form of benefit from the Government (excluding state pension) to which 58% said ‘no’ and 7% chose not to disclose this information.  The remaining 35%, who answered ‘yes’ were then asked whether they were aware of the ‘social fund’, the government fund to help those with a low-income to cover certain costs?  15% answered ‘yes’, but the majority (69%) weren’t sure whether they would qualify, with the remaining 85% stating that they weren’t aware of it.


We understand that people are concerned about planning or aren’t financially able to make provision; however funeral plans really can be more affordable than people often realise. The funeral sector is also aware of the financial strains that people are under these days and there are many ways that these arrangements can be tailored in an affordable way. Simply contact the Perfect Choice team on 0800 633 5626 or email to find your nearest accredited funeral director for more information and advice.

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