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The rise of the pet funeral: half of animal owners hold funerals for deceased pets

Funeral plan expert, Perfect Choice, conducted a poll in the UK which set out to discover whether we truly are a nation of animal lovers as is made out in the media. We surveyed 1,608 British adults to find out whether people had ever held a funeral for their beloved pet and we also wanted to discover how much people were willing to spend on them. We all know that pets are a big part of many people’s lives these days so we thought it would be nice to discover how they are remembered by their owners.

All of our responders were over the age of 18 and had had a pet pass away within the last year. We first asked the respondents what the first steps they took were when their pet had passed away. We asked whether they had held a funeral for their pet, and 49% of people said no, with the majority of those that had said no giving the reason that they didn’t believe in commemorating the passing of an animal. 16% of the people who had said no they hadn’t held a funeral said their reason was because they did not want to distress their children by telling them the pet had died.

That means that there were 51% of respondents who said yes, that they had held some sort of funeral or memorial for their pet. They were then asked if the funeral had been formal or informal with the majority of people (91%) saying it was informal, which suggested a short ceremony or burial in their garden. The remaining people said it had been a formal affair with some sort of paid for ceremony.

Finding the idea of a formal pet funeral interesting we asked those who said they had held a formal affair if they could provide us with an idea of what such an event would cost, including any burial or cremation fees as well as plaques and gathering costs. We found that the average pet funeral cost around £105.

We also discovered that the pet most likely to have a funeral held for them was dogs, with cats second and third was rabbits.

Some may find these costs extraordinary, but to many people the loss of a pet can be just as distressing as losing a family member. We can see from the results of this survey is that Britain really is a nation of animal lovers and some are even prepared to part with sometimes large sums of money in order to ensure that their pets are honoured in a dignified manner.

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