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The rise of the rainbow funeral

It would appear that colours are the new black, as we conducted a recent survey, which discovered that the ‘rainbow funeral’ is on the rise in the UK. Organisers of rainbow funerals are asking attendees to wear bright colours on the day, the main reason respondents gave for this is the desire to celebrate the deceased person’s life, rather than mourn their passing.

Funeral plan specialist, Perfect Choice, surveyed 2,249 UK citizens, all of whom were aged 18 or older and had assisted in arranging a funeral in the past 12 months. Initially we asked ‘Did you or other people helping to plan the funeral ask guests to dress in bright clothing?’ and over a third of all surveyed said they had indeed arranged a funeral where attendants had been asked to wear bright clothing. It still seems that traditional black or dark clothing is preferred though, with 64% of those surveyed sticking to dark colours.

We wanted to find out more about the increasing trend, and so we asked the respondents who opted for guests to wear bright colours, the main reason they had decided to forgo the traditional black dress code.

The main reason was because they wanted ‘to celebrate my loved one’s life, rather than mourn their passing’; in fact 42% of them said this was the main reason for wanting colourful clothing at the funeral.  Others said that they thought that bright colours would make the funeral less of a sombre occasion and others said that they chose a certain colour code for the funeral as they felt it was representative of their loved one who had passed away.

Interestingly, only a third of those surveyed said that it was their loved one’s decision or wish to have a colourful funeral, whilst the rest of those asked said that it had been the family’s wish to celebrate their loved one’s life by requesting attendees wear colourful attire.

We discovered the top colour choices for ‘rainbow funerals’ differed depending on the gender of their deceased loved one. Here are the top bright colours that respondents said were worn at the bright funeral they attended:

Top 5 Bright Colours Worn to Male Funerals

1.     Blue
2.     Red
3.     Multi Coloured
4.     Green
5.     Orange

Top 5 Bright Colours Worn to Female Funerals

1.     Pink
2.     Multi Coloured
3.     Purple
4.     Blue
5.     Red

Funerals are undoubtedly a tough time for any grieving family, but our survey shows that every family remembers their loved ones in their own way. Whilst many stick to the traditional funeral customs, a significant number of us are now opting to use the funeral as a way to celebrate their life.

Implementing a colour theme at a funeral is just one of the ways a family can celebrate a loved one’s life. Whilst not for everyone, it can certainly mark the occasion as a celebration of life and also a portrayal of the loved one’s personality and memory.

There’s no right or wrong when it comes to dealing with your loss and that of your friends and family; we pride ourselves on having a wide and flexible range of funeral plans which means that all needs and wishes can be met.

Picture Credits: Stephanie Fink, Gerardo Espindola via: Flickr

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