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Planning a pre-death life celebration

It’s becoming more and more common for those with a terminal illness, or those who are nearing the end of their life to hold a life celebration before they die, effectively attending their own funeral. Celebrating a loved one’s life with them is a great way to show them how much they mean to you. Though it may be difficult it will be a special moment too; surrounded by love and friends and family.

Funeral plan specialist, Perfect Choice, recently conducted a survey which discovered that a fifth of Britons have attended a ‘life celebration’ for a terminally ill loved one before their death, with nearly three quarters of these celebrations suggested by the deceased themselves, which proves their increase in popularity.

There are countless things you could organise for a celebratory send-off but it’s best to personalise the party as much as possible. Keeping the focus on the person and their memories is a must. You could come up with a theme for the gathering. Then you can simply focus all elements of the day on the chosen theme. So for example, if your loved one is a car fanatic, you could rent a special car for them to take a ride in, take them to a track day and have celebratory drinks after. You could consider a focal point in the room with themed décor. For example, pictures of them and their cars or some of their favourite models, or a car shaped cake!

It can be a tough feat to not focus on the sadness of the day, but if you inject the atmosphere with lively music, drinks and laughter then it should help refocus your mind, as well as your guests’. You could consider games such as charades or other ice-breakers, which always gets people talking and in a positive frame of mind.

Some people may prefer a more solemn affair relishing in memories with special people and hearing touching stories you may have forgotten about. A life celebration is a chance to do exactly what you want to do with the people you love. You could even organise a black tie dinner or a trip away for a few days if you are able. It’s important to remember that this could be a last goodbye for many friends and family so make it memorable and meaningful.

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