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Top 10 Funeral Misconceptions

A new study by funeral plan expert, Perfect Choice, highlights the top ten funeral misconceptions in the UK. Perhaps one of the most shocking figures was that 1 in 10 people believe that the government will cover the cost of a funeral.

32% of citizens think that when it comes to funeral arrangements, the church or crematorium that the funeral is being held at will manage and organise it, with a further 12% also believing that the Government will cover the cost of the funeral for all UK citizens.

We polled 1,763 UK residents all of whom were aged 18 or over with a 50/50 split of male and female respondents. We showed all participants some points surrounding funerals, and they were then asked which points they believed to be true.  Below you can see the points with the percentage of participants who thought the point was true.

1.  Church/Crematorium handles the entire organisation of funerals – 32%
2.  Only lilies can be given as condolence flowers – 28%
3.  Funerals only happen on a Monday – 25%
4.  A minimum charity donation is in place of £20 – 21%
5.  All funerals have to be held within 5 days of the death – 17%
6.  All hymns have to be solemn – 15%
7.  Gifts must be purchased for relatives – 13%
8.  Government covers funeral expenses for all UK citizens – 12%
9.  Venues do not charge for wakes out of respect – 4%
10. If you die on a Sunday, your local parish pays for the funeral – 2%

We then wanted to further understand why people had thought that the most common misconception, that the government will pay for you funeral, was true. The majority of people (58%) said that they thought it was true because they thought it was an entitlement earned from paying taxes over the years. Though 33% thought that it was deducted from their National Insurance contributions, like it is for the NHS and 9% just assumed they didn’t have to cover the cost themselves.

When it comes to funerals, it is always a difficult time for those involved and although it would be nice if we didn’t have to make arrangements and pay for this day ourselves, this isn’t the case. What is important to remember is that as long as we bear in mind that it is something that will have to be thought of at some point, it does not need to add any more upset or stress.  Preparing in a sensible yet practical mindset can really help when the time comes.

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