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Half of Brits do not regularly visit family graves

Funeral plan specialist, Perfect Choice, recently conducted some research which unveiled that half of Britons do not regularly visit their deceased relatives’ resting place. Being ‘too busy’, ‘too upset’ and ‘losing track of time’ were among the top five reasons given why people failed to attend resting places more often. 81% of the respondents also confessed that they regretted not going more often.

The study polled 1,894 British adults, all of whom were aged 18 or over, with an even gender split. In order to take part in the survey, all participants were required to have lost a loved one between 12-24 months ago.

Initially, we asked all participants whether they regularly visit the grave, memorial or resting place of their deceased relative to pay their respects, to which 49% stated that they do not. These respondents were then asked to provide details of their reasons why they did not visit often. Respondents were able to select all answers they felt were applicable, which revealed the below top 5 reasons:

1)      Too busy – 57%
2)      Too upsetting – 46%
3)      Lose track of time – 32%
4)      Did not get on with deceased relative – 25%
5)      Too far to travel – 18%

A staggering 81% of respondents revealed that they regretted not visiting loved one’s resting places more often, with the majority of these (91%) saying they would like to make more effort in the future.

Of those who regularly visited their deceased relatives the majority went an average of twice per year and the most popular visiting times were Christmas (66%) and anniversaries of the death (53%).

When a loved one passes away, it is quite common for relatives to regularly visit to pay their respects as they come to terms with their loss. This can be difficult if they live far away or have difficulty with transport, but it is interesting to see that half of people do not visit their deceased relatives’ graves or other resting places soon after their loved one has passed.

We understand what a very raw and difficult time it is, and is a very personal decision. On the other hand, many find solace in spending time paying their respects and remembering happier times. This can be a positive experience, which helps maintain that connection with a lost loved one.

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